About Us

Look Back Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

We are a not-for-profit organization run by volunteers.  Our dogs come from shelters or owner turn-in situations and they all stay in foster homes.  While with us, they are part of the family and as such participate in continual training and socialization. We are their way-station to finding their very special human and we commit to making them as ready as possible. 

We try our best to understand each Border Collie’s needs and possible issues so that we can honestly share as much as possible with potential adopters. If you meet 20 Border Collies, you meet 20 personalities. They are each unique.

What does Look Back mean?  Look Back is the command given to the Border Collie by the handler after already gathering sheep, to leave that hard earned flock and go look for more lost sheep.  To be willing to leave the flock for more sheep requires deep trust in the handler. Together, teamwork completes the task of bringing all of the sheep to safety. If you adopt from a rescue, you are rescuing the next orphan and you become part of the team.

We appreciate your consideration of Look Back Border Collie Rescue. Information about the board of directors follows:

Donna White, President Almost born riding a horse, her dad’s working ranch dogs slept on her bed.  Australian Shepherds, Heelers and Border Collies were with her as she started showing cutting horses, show horses and competing in rodeos (as soon as she could walk). Reading dog behavior and training is as natural to her as riding.  Her training methods with both horses and dogs are always gentle and positive. Her first job working with a vet was at 10 years old in a large and small animal practice.  She continued to work with vets during high school and started a vet program in college.  Rodeo competition derailed the plans to be a vet, but ultimately she became a licensed animal health technician, now known as a Vet Tech. Working for various veterinarian practices has given her a tremendous breadth of experience benefitting LBR’s rescue work.  She has been actively involved with most aspects of rescue work since 2008, especially fostering and working closely with shelter/adoption partners.  Keith White, Vice President As a gifted farrier (a maker and fitter of horseshoes) for over 20 years and by working with over 10 veterinarians, Keith knows livestock and dogs.  He has bred and raised imported Queensland Heelers from Australia (now known as Australian Cattle Dogs) and more recently ABCA registered Border Collies.  He is no longer actively breeding and has concentrated on rescue work since 2008. Now retired, he enjoys Harleys, family, travel and above all his dogs. Ed Smith, Secretary Born to innovate, he has run his own business since he was 25 years old.  He specializes in material handling systems for warehouses and distribution centers.  While raising his children, he always had family dogs.  Border collies took hold of his heart in 2007 and he has actively fostered since 2010.  As it is said, Border Collies are not a breed, they are an addiction. Shelley Borcher, Treasurer Shelley Borcher is a Certified Public Accountant.  She left public practice as a partner in a regional firm for industry.  Now in her late 50’s, she is a part-time Chief Financial Officer for several businesses.  Her love for herding breeds started when she was 30 years old and adopted two aussie mix dogs from Pasadena Humane Society.  As they passed away of old age and well lived lives, she adopted border collies from rescues.  She has also actively fostered and worked with adoptive parents since 2010. Jay L. Moore, Board Member Mr. Moore is a successful business CEO and philanthropist.  His breadth of business experience and marketing knowledge benefits LBR.  Rescue is heart driven, but must also be built on a solid foundation of policies and procedures as well as skills and commitment.  His goal is for LBR to build its organization for long term success.