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The Submit button will take you to the next page.  We are sorry the application is so long, but it really does help insure successful adoptions.  Thank you for your patience.

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Adoption fees:
$350 for all dogs, except older dogs (8+ yrs) are $150
Adoption Process

Dogs in our rescue live in foster care and have been temperament tested in an attempt to match appropriate dogs to appropriate homes.  The greatest dog for one home can be the worst nightmare for another home.  It is all about the right fit.  So, we ask you to please have patience with our process and try to share as much information as you can about your home environment and your goals in having a Border Collie.  We will do our best to match you with your new best friend. 

Border Collies tend to be extremely intelligent, thinking, agile and energetic dogs that need a relationship with their human(s).  If you are ready to commit to such a relationship, your border collie will reward you with devotion.  Although a flock of sheep might be most border collies’ fondest desires, most adapt well to life without sheep.  They excel at agility, flyball, frisbee for fun or competition.  Lower energy Border Collies also come into rescue and can make wonderful companion or service dogs.


After your application (link below) is reviewed, if you have indicated a specific dog of interest, that foster family will contact you directly to share more information and if the fit seems good, a meeting will be set up.  If you have not indicated a specific dog, a coordinator will contact you to discuss the dogs that we recommend based on your application.  You will then be contacted by the appropriate foster family.  Your entire family, including any existing dogs, will need to meet and everyone gets a vote.  We encourage you to review the adoption contract, from the links below, prior to that meeting.  Also, it is possible that you will want to go home with your new best friend, so it is important to come prepared.