Bella enjoys being in charge with other dogs and is okay with them to play at dog parks, but would love to be the only dog in a family with children.   She has nice house manners and loves sitting on the couch next to her human.  She also walks well on a long leash without pulling.  She has her basic obedience commands and is well behaved.  She is treat motivated and very intelligent, so she can be trained for almost anything.  She will bark to alert and will fence guard if there is a neighbor dog.  Almost forgot to mention that she "talks" with gutteral purrs.  She is okay in the car, for 1-2 hour drives, but is anxious.  She often goes to work with her foster mom and loves everyone and children.  She would not be a good candidate for long travel vacations. 

You may notice Bella is on our happy tails page because she was adopted about two years ago and has been well loved and healthy.  Her teeth were cleaned about two years ago.  Other than a resolved UTI, her vet records indicate that she has been very healthy with no issues.  Unfortunately, her human parents must move and cannot take her with them.  These photos are from when she was with us a couple of years ago and show her beautiful fur.  Recently, she was shaved, so she is suffering a bit from "bad hair days" as it grows back.  Also, she needs to lose a few pounds (not a serious issue), but no girl wants photos on the internet when she's not in bathing suit form. 


If interested, please send email to:

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All dogs have all been spayed/neutered, micro-chipped and are up to date on all vaccinations.  Please click on Adoption Application page for information about our process and a link to the on-line application form.

Look Back Border Collie Rescue, Inc.

Family Dog! Great with children.


BELLA is an awesome girl.  She is a very healthy 10 years young.

She is very playful and frankly seems younger  than her paperwork.